Qasa Rechargeable Fan Replacement Battery 6V 4.5Ah (Pin Type)

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6V Volts 4AhPin
Terminals Connector
TypeNon Spillable Sealed Lead Acid
Rechargeable Wide operating
Temperature Low Self
Discharge Over 600 Circles
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No need to throw your Rechargeable Fans away when they no longer stay for longer hours without electricity. It is simply due to a worn out battery. This replacement battery will rejuvenate your Rechargeable Fans again. . Now you have gotten one to use. This backup battery is designed for use with any appliance that uses 6 volts such as Generators, Motor Cycles, Rechargeable Fans, CCTV Power boxes and any type of product that requires a 6V battery.  Do note that you must be sure your appliance uses this type of battery first before purchasing. and for Fans, this battery terminals are pull out type and not the pin type. Please note this difference as the pictures u see reveals the terminal types.
It is sealed Lead battery and it is never spillable. It has a long life of use and can do over 600 circles.

Ensure you check your fan or device to know the voltage rating. However, for those needing this for Fan battery replacements, when you double this battery and connectect them in parallel, you can have more time of use than when it is just a single battery of use. If your fan uses 12v battery, you can connect two of this one in series and have it as 12v which can deliver more time of use. But you have to consider the connectors as this is not a PULL OUT TYPE BUT A PIN TERMINAL CONNECTOR TYPE. Confirm your battery with the picture indicated in this website for the type you actually need. For a pull type connector battery of the 6v 4Ah, use this link to locate it.

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Qasa Rechargeable Fan Replacement Battery 6V 4.5Ah (Pin Type)

5,0009,000 (-44%)

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