QASA Qof 16″ Ac/dc Orbit/ceiling Fan – Non Rechargeable

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  • Power Input: AC230V or DC12V to 15v
  • Rated power: 20W
  • Rated current: 1400±150mA(max.)
  • Rotation speed:1450rpm±10%(max.)
  • Size of blade: 380mm±3%
  • Number of speeds: 3
  • Number of speed: Continuously variable speed control
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Qasa, another quality brand of exotic high quality range of products brings to you orbit 120 degree Fan. This technology is designed to bring quality air flow to areas in your room or office where the conventional ceiling fan cannot reach. It’s revolving ability takes air flow to every part of your room.

with it’s powerful 16 inches fan blade you are guaranteed of great reliability to get cool and sleep sweet and no sweat at all.
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The images included with the fan are to show you what the fan can be used with. They are not included with the fan at purchase.
This Fan is a Non Rechargeable fan. it can be used as one though when you get a 12volt battery with it and a solar panel or any 12volts charger as you may require. It can be powered by a 12volts power (Battery) Bank. Very ideal for remote use.

You do not need to depend on Public utility power to get this fan working. It is compatible or with either public utility power, solar panel of 12v or 15v, 12 volts DC power adapter or a 12 volts battery. So you can get it working with any Qasa 12v batteries or any other 12 volts batteries in the market. Very ideal in rural areas where access to power is a bit an uphill task. All you need do is get a solar to the battery to have it charged and connect the battery to the fan. With this connection, you are guaranteed of your fan 247 access to power. Do note that it is not recommended to use Solar panels bigger than 80 watts as damage could occur.

Qasa QOF-1602DC is a must for every home and office. Barbers shop, Hair salon, and anywhere cool breeze is required. Increasing fan speed or reducing.

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QASA Qof 16" Ac/dc Orbit/ceiling Fan - Non Rechargeable

27,60090,000 (-69%)

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