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  • Bottom loading design that eliminates lifting and flipping while loading the water bottle.
  • 3 Faucets for Instants Cold, Cool and Hot water for your beverages, soups or oatmeal.
  • High power stainless steel hot water tank that helps to give the water a refreshing taste.
  • Back Handle for easy lifting.
  • Space saving and minimalist design that can fit into more spaces.

This bottom loading water dispenser gives you instant access to fresh cold, hot and neutral water anytime you wish. It is energy saving as it consumes low power, making it very economical. This makes it an essential household appliance for every home and office.

The Maxi WD1639s Bottom loading design Water Dispenser features a BOTTOM LOADING DESIGN that eliminates lifting and flipping while loading the bottled water. The dispenser comes with a cap and hose that fit over the top of the bottle and extends down to the bottom.

Refilling this water dispenser is very easy. You just have to slide the bottle into the base of the water dispenser and you are done. It is a lot less tiring than lifting a 5-gallon water jug hereby reducing the risk of hurting your back or spilling the water.

It is designed to hold inside from 3 to 5-gallon water bottle, this reduces waste from single serve bottles of drinking water. The bottles are concealed inside the cabinet to give the dispenser a clean look.

The Maxi WD1639s Bottom loading design Water Dispenser has 3 FAUCETS FOR INSTANTS COLD, COOL AND HOT WATER. It dispenses Ice cold, cool and piping hot water with just a push of a button. Enjoy a cool, refreshing glass of water or make your favorite hot beverages, soups or oatmeal in no time at all.

The Hot water faucet is designed with Child safety lock comes with that prevents your little ones from the danger of serious injuries and accidents.

It features a HIGH POWER STAINLESS STEEL HOT WATER TANK that gives the water a refreshing taste.  It helps to improve water taste and avoid corrosion, preventing the water from getting a weird taste. You are certain to get great quality and maximum hygiene from this water dispenser.

The Maxi WD1639s Bottom loading design Water Dispenser design is such a compact design that makes it SPACE SAVING AND PORTABLE, this allows it to fit into more spaces. It features a BACK HANDLE for easy lifting, it is also lightweight allowing you to easily move it about.

It’s High efficiency compressor cooling makes getting the right water temperature easy. With its Double safety device for preventing overheat, there is no fear of damage to the dispenser.

The Maxi WD1639s Bottom loading design Water Dispenser comes in a CLASSIC BLACK & SILVER COLOR that further more adds to the beauty of your home.


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MAXI Bottom Loading 3 Faucets Water Dispenser | WD-1639S

69,000100,000 (-31%)

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