LG Top Freezer Refrigerator GL-C432HXCN 444L

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  • LINEAR Cooling™
  • Door Cooling+™
  • Fast & Even Cooling
  • Efficient Energy Saving
  • Energy Efficient & Longer Life Span
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Get a bigger space for all your food items with this 437 liter refrigerator as it helps you minimize your journeys to the markets.

The multi air flow system features the multi air flow vents that distribute and circulate air to all nook and cranny of the refrigerator so that all your food items receive even cooling all at the same time.

The LED lamp that it comes with is very spectacular in the sense that it lasts for many, many years. Other lamps that other refrigerators have spoil very quickly but this LED lamp lasts for so long. It is estimated to have the lifetime of 25 incandescent bulbs! You also get no overheat and a lit refrigerator every time you want. It is semi permanent and space saving.

The vegetable box which is very large, up to 15.9 liters has the moist balance crisper feature which prevents the humidity or moisture lost from your fruits or vegetables lying on others so to solve this, the lattice patterned box makes the moisture lie instead on the box preventing your food items from becoming soggy.

And the black deodorizer gets rid of RV black water color in the water tank automatically, keeping it clean and healthy for you!

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Weight 65 kg
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LG Top Freezer Refrigerator GL-C432HXCN 444L

394,500600,000 (-34%)

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