LG Top Freezer Refrigerator GL-C322RLBN 308

370,000500,000 (-26%)

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  • 308 liters
  • Two Door
  • silver colour
  • 10 years warranty on linear comproser
  • R600, Inverter

This is a top freezer refrigerator that is so awesome when it comes to cooling features. This refrigerator gives out the best cooling process all the time. It always delivers, anytime, anywhere so this is the best choice for you.

It has 308 liters of space so this gives you chance of cutting your trips to the market to fetch for food items and yes it provides a much smarter way of storing them and this makes it a grand choice for you.

One of the reasons why most food items spoil in your refrigerator is because of consistent temperature.

Another is even and all round cooling but that will be discussed later. Now this refrigerator makes it impossible for food to spoil in the refrigerator and this is why. Because of the linear cooling feature it gives a steady temperature that only goes in between the 0 and -0.5 degree margin. This means that the temperature level will only fluctuate in between the specific limit. Nothing higher or lower so your food items are securely kept in the best cooling condition possible.

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Weight 45 kg
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LG Top Freezer Refrigerator GL-C322RLBN 308

370,000500,000 (-26%)

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