LG Single Door Refrigerator with R600 Gas (Silver) REF 331 SLBB

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  • One door
  • Silver color
  • linear Compressor
  • 199 L
  • Inverter
  • R600 GAS



The freezing features are superb and the direct cooling system makes this possible because it uses natural means of cooling (fans and others) which ensure even cooling as it would be circulated round your food items keeping them fresh and cool.

This one door refrigerator has the evercool feature that enables the refrigerator to retain cool air for a relatively long time. That means that after a power outage, your food items would still be receiving cool air for more than nine hours so the freshness of your food items is secure.

LG makes more usable space with the same exterior size. What this means is that you can store more foodstuffs than you think. This LG refrigerator has 195 liters which gives you the ability to cut down on your excess goings to the supermarket and save more time and effort as you get the large capacity that’s on everyone’s minds and not only that the freshness and purity of the foodstuffs are guaranteed a 100 percent.

What the moist balance crisper box does is very simple. The moist balance crisper uses a lattice box that actually keeps the evaporated moistness from lying on the other fruits making them soft and soggy. All the moistness that’s supposed to lie on the fruits go instead to the box keeping your fruits strong and healthy.

The vegetable box which also uses this feature is very large and can exactly contain up to 15.9 liters and this gives you the chance to store plenty and plenty of the vegetables you love to eat and this is just another way of cutting down your stressful journeys to the markets.

This saves more time in the sense that it actually prevents hours and hours of strenuous thawing that would be done by our grills nowadays. What you actually need to do is turn it on and leave your frozen food in the hands of this competent feature and it is not only meant for frozen food, in the case of you wanting to clean the refrigerator and you find it stressful waiting for the refrigerator to “unfreeze’ then you can just use this feature and then the frozen parts will be melted and it can be very easy to clean afterwards.

The pocket handle was created out of customers’ complaints and theirs were that it’s not strong enough and so on and it was in response to this that LG made a pocket handle that’s not only beautiful to behold and awesome to touch, it’s also a non-breakable handle that lets you enjoy the refrigerator for many years to come. It would be sad to use a refrigerator that has no handle as it is very important so it would be much better to grab this refrigerator that has a non-breakable pocket handle.

Want to store big items in your refrigerator but worried that it won’t take it? Don’t worry about that, that’s not a problem at all. The tempered glass shelves are incredible and no wonder LG is so spectacular. These tempered glass shelves are awesome in the sense that it can take items for up to 150 kilograms. This gives you the chance to store heavy items that you love.

It comes with bottle holder compartments and egg tray that you can use to store your head and keep cool for future use. It wouldn’t be wise to keep them in a hot place and risk them all becoming spoilt.

The inverter linear compressor is widely used in revolutionized refrigerators and the reason is it’s uses less parts which results in lesser workload and lower friction and this reduces the wear and tear that it would normally have and so this is the best when compared to other conventional refrigerators.

The lower voltage stability makes the refrigerator safe as it can’t go below or above the set voltage. It works pretty much like a stabilizer and so it makes the refrigerator very secured even though there are high fluctuations of current.

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LG Single Door Refrigerator with R600 Gas (Silver) REF 331 SLBB

200,500300,000 (-33%)

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