LG RK1 60W, Mini Audio, Multi Bluetooth

85,800100,000 (-14%)

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  • AUD 1D - RK 60 watts
  • USB
  • Multi Bluetooth
  • Black In Colour
  • Bluetooth Multi pairing
  • Bass Reflex Conduit
  • USB, FM Radio, Aux Input


Do you want great sound quality? Have you been searching for marvellous audio quality but have found none that suits your needs? Are you the type that prefers not manageable but splendid sound quality when it comes to movies or songs, if this is you, then you have found the right product and the best online store to order from.

Let’s dive in. This LG 60 watts speaker [AUD 1D-RK] delivers a rich, raw and entertaining sound quality that makes immersive sound experience no longer a once in lifetime thing anymore. Then, to go great speakers would cost you a fortune but nowadays, LG has made sure that all their customers have access to this awesome immersive sound experience that’s on everyone’s minds. Well maybe you aren’t used to LG home theaters and when you go to your friend’s, family’s or colleague’s party you get the immersive sound experience and you party all day long but when you go home, you return to your normal ‘boring’ television that delivers low quality sound and you aren’t happy but that is not how you should live your life. Everything changed the moment you found this LG home theater and because of it’s awesome features coupled with the cheapness and affordability, it just makes it perfect for your home.


The bass blast is what makes the immersive sound unforgettable. Get the real, the true bass quality that you wouldn’t get on your ordinary MP3 player or mobile device. The bass quality that penetrates your soul and gives you a blessed sound experience. The bass quality that no ordinary speaker can give that covers a wide range, something that from anywhere you are, you are sure to get the same immersive sound experience.

It features DJ karaoke function and auto DJ feature. The DJ karaoke function eliminates the vocals of a song (leaving the background music) and this is great as it is now left to you to make the music complete by using your voice to complete it by singing the content that will be on the screen making you to feel like the next superstar! The Auto DJ feature enables you to listen to songs non-stop, I mean just like a DJ would make sure there is no temporary break in transmission, this state of the art home theaters make sure there is no pause as that can completely kill the vibes in a party, trust me you don’t want that to happen to you so pick this cheap and well developed home theater.


This incredible home theater sets you in a party mode anytime, anywhere. I mean literally, you can just snap your fingers and like that a cloud of party feelings would just hover you and you will get the party vibes instantly. Gone are the days of manual control, the future is here guys and this product makes sure it is that way. You can easily control this great sound speaker just with your remote. Connect your external hard drive which features your flash drive or mobile devices to it and play and also at the same time record the tracks of your favorite song.

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LG RK1 60W, Mini Audio, Multi Bluetooth

85,800100,000 (-14%)

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