LG InstaView™ Door In Door® Refrigerator GR-X31FTMHL 889L

2,300,0003,000,000 (-23%)

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  • Four Door
  • 725 Liters
  • Metal Pocket Handle
  • Touch LED display
  • Linear Compressor
  • Water Dispenser
  • Hygiene Fresh

This LG refrigerator makes storage so easy and so convenient. Wondered where to get a refrigerator that has a generous amount of space and also provides a faster and even cooling? Well don’t worry again because the zit electronics online store has the 725 liter refrigerator for you to enjoy. You know what’s amazing about this refrigerator? Well, it helps by really reducing the number of times you go to the market just to buy foodstuffs. No need to buy some foodstuffs and then going again after a week when it’s exhausted, just don’t stress yourself again, just buy them in bulk and let this generous refrigerator handle them for you. The veggie box is large and allows for you to buy your vegetables in bulk.

The slim in door ice maker provides more space in the freezer compartment and the awesomest thing about this refrigerator makes storage so smart and easy, this cannot be overemphasized.

It has got a touch LED display that makes operating this refrigerator so much easier. No need to call in a technician to fix it or operate it and spend money, just by touching the simple features on the LED display, you can simply make the refrigerator do whatever you need. These features include extreme freeze function and many others.

See, this LG refrigerator is so powerful when it comes to beauty. This LG refrigerator really brings out the deepest beauty of your kitchen. It’s designs are so modern and it fits so perfectly into the decor of your kitchen so that’s just one of the reasons to buy this awesome product. The metal pocket handle is so beautiful you could smell its awesomeness. It’s very easy to hold and it makes opening the refrigerator very simple and gives you a greater access to the content of your refrigerator. And let me add that it has four doors so I’m serious when I said it makes access to your refrigerator much easier than others and this is great in the sense that it reduces the cold air up to 47% and this is great because of the easiest access it has.

Seriously, what’s better than that? The reason it’s able to save energy all the time is because of the LG Inverter linear compressor that’s integrated into it. It uses lesser parts and so requires lesser work and better, no friction at all which drastically reduces wear and tear and other things that would make the lifespan of the refrigerator short so with this refrigerator, not only do you get lesser work, lesser noise, you also get a greater quality refrigerator that will serve you for many years. It uses 32% less energy than other refrigerators and so makes 25% less noise, which is just right for your home.

The water dispenser is so awesome and large and allows for a continuous fill that makes you reduce the number of times to fill the water tank. Not only does it have a ice cube maker that makes ice cubes for immediate chilling of your drinks, it also has a purifying system that makes the water so clean and pure all the time. There is no need to be wary of the water as this system makes it very healthy for you!

And it has the HygieneFresh+ feature which makes the multi air flow vents blow and circulate fresh air on your food items. I don’t just mean fresh air, I mean fresh air. Air that’s so pure it is 99.9% free of bacteria. That kind of air is what you need for your foodstuffs considering that most refrigerators and freezers blow air that’s bad and you need to clean it all the time but this feature actually minimizes the bad odor to the littlest and so you can expect your food items to not only be fresh but also pure and being in a healthy condition.

This feature allows you to control your refrigerator inside your home and also from outside and this is very helpful because you can set the best and precise temperature you need for your foodstuffs. Also you can diagnose your refrigerator with this feature and know the stats.

Enjoy these and many other features that this refrigerator has.

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LG InstaView™ Door In Door® Refrigerator GR-X31FTMHL 889L

2,300,0003,000,000 (-23%)

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