LG 8kg and 5kg Wash and Dry Washing Machine | WM 2V5PGP2T

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2 in 1

Washer (8KG)

Dryer (5KG)

Direct Drive Motor

Smart ThinQ and Diagnosis

True Steam


The Inverter direct drive motor is more makes this washing machine very efficient because it uses lesser parts and this allows for more speed and less vibration and noise. This gives no friction at all making it have no wear and tear and this prolongs the lifespan of this washing machine. Friction slowly kills the engine and then the washing machine but know that with the Inverter direct drive motor, you are sure to get the best washing experience.

The turbo wash feature works like this. It makes the washing very strong and fast and the reason this feature is very awesome is because it provides the best washing as it makes tough stains come out like as if they’re nothing. This is the best option if the clothes you have are very dirty and unpleasant. After the wash, they’ll have a remarkable transformation.


The true steam feature makes the cloth very perfect in the sense that they are very neat and pleasant to both look at and wear. This feature removes allergens (things that can cause allergies) for up to 99.9% by giving the best temperature. The steam refresh which is part of the True Steam feature makes the cloth have lesser wrinkles and odor and the last but not the least, the steam softener makes the cloth (as it is a hygienic softener) very perfect for baby and if you have sensitive skin, it makes your cloth ideal for you.

The 6 motion DD feature allows for optimal wash in the sense that it provides very balanced optimized motion combinations for your clothes. This means that it balances the motion according to the texture of your clothes. So it adjusts the washing performance according to how soft or hard the cloth is. This makes the washing very efficient and smart.


The smart diagnosis feature allows for easy solution and you don’t even have to leave your house or  call a technician and then pay for checking it out, all you have to do is call the LG service helpline and the place your smart phone on the washing machine and the computer communicates with the phone and the analysis of the washing machine that is, what is wrong with it, is immediately sent to your phone and then you can know what’s wrong with it and get it fixed within a short time.

The smart convenience with NFC allows you (when you’ve bought this awesome washing machine) to download various washing programs that are very good for your clothes. These include the cold wash and wool washing program. All you have to do is tap the NFC tag on symbol to install the program you wish and what’s more convenient is the fact that these programs automatically updates by themselves and also, with the cycle download, you can download up to 20 washing programs/cycles.

Get this washing machine now and get more out of life. Enjoy this washing machine now. LG makes the best products that help people have better and easier lives so it’s a great choice to have this washing machine in your home.

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LG 8kg and 5kg Wash and Dry Washing Machine | WM 2V5PGP2T

360,000400,000 (-10%)

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