LG 7KG Twin Tub Top Loader Washing Machine | WM-850

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LG 6.2Kg Semi Automatic Top Loader Washing Machine With Roller Jet Pulsator - LG WM850


Washing Machine Type

Washing Machine

Detail W/M Type

Twin Tub


Wash Capacity (kg) 6.2

Color: White

Voltage: 220

Frequency (Hz) 60

Body material: Two-Tone Body

Lint filter: Lint Filter 1 pc.

Water selector: Yes


This is a washing machine that has three main washing machine programs that are perfect for your clothes. These include the gentle, normal and strong features that leave your clothes perfectly clean and neat after washing. The gentle feature of course is meant for your soft clothes, these include your boxers, singlets and other soft shirts. The normal feature is perfect for your shirts that you normally wear and other trousers that are not too hard or rough and the last is the strong program which was designed for your jeans, cardigans and your other clothes that have hard fabric and so feel free to wash with this marvellous features with this awesome washing machine. It’s very easy to operate, once you order it and get it delivered to you in less than 24 hours, you’ll just get the innate feeling you have used it before (if you haven’t, the functions are simple to understand and operate.) It is a top loader manual so it opens from the top and has an easy horizontal handle so this makes opening it much easier and sweeter so this washing machine is the best thing you could add to your home.

The roller jet pulsator is very kind yet very harsh. But do you think it would be harsh to the ones that it shouldn’t be? Well no! The jet pulsator is very harsh to the dirt, the stains that have gummed themselves to your clothes and it is in the same sense very nice and friendly to your clothes. It’s very hard and powerful on dirt and it is because of this,it delivers the best, very perfect washing that makes you smile, that makes you feel like going to the laundry room is a big waste of time. So this big pulsator makes your clothes have a very thorough washing experience.

The water selector makes it easier to fill either of the compartment or tub and all you have to do is use the handy water selector and choose where you want the water to go.

The water fall function allows for a better and more efficient washing in the sense that it improves the rinsing of clothes and boosts the circulation of water so that it provides very efficient washing as it dissolutes the detergent so that it makes the clothes cleaner and neater.

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Weight 18 kg
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LG 7KG Twin Tub Top Loader Washing Machine | WM-850

133,000200,000 (-34%)

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