LG 3500W XBOOM Home Theatre Sound System | AUD 98CL

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With the pro DJ app you can from anywhere anytime conveniently control and use the DJ sound effects to your excitement. When you think that the party is getting dull anytime you can just spice it up with the various DJ sound effects that it has and make everyone hungry for more excitement. Also the party accelerator y feature makes the colourless according to the beat of the music. With this you can even use the X-Flash Pro sync feature and make your party a blast always. The party accelerator is pretty easy to operate. All you have to do is grab the accelerator and push it forward but slowly to build up the suspense, excitement and everything and so when this gets to the top it would have reached its peaked and then it would release a very thunderous boom thrall make everyone get off that chair and dance.


This sound speaker is awesome on it’s own but imagine when another of this is added to it. One of these has the ability of producing up to 2350 watt sound but when another of its calibre is added to it, it generates sound that’s up to 7000 watt and this if possible could blow you away but you can only see that in movies and this kind of sound speaker would make your movie very sweet to watch and hear. The audio of the movie would just be so wonderful such that if someone came and disturbed your movie then you would be really annoyed. You can link two of them and this can be done wirelessly and then you can make everyone to be blown away by its awesome sound quality.

And this awesome sound speaker also has multi Bluetooth pairing feature that allows you and your friends to connect your devices to the sound speaker. (It can only allow a maximum of three devices) You and your friends can create a playlist of the songs that’ll make people run mad with excitement and you can run it for the whole day non-stop, for one second the entertainment would not be paused.


You can also link the sound speaker to your television and enjoy your movies through Bluetooth connection and you can also connect it your FM radio, CD, DVD and even the two USB ports that it has.

The karaoke star feature allows you to be that musician that you have always wanted to be. With this, you can simply sing along with the background music as the vocals (voice) of the song would be removed and so you can fill in and take in for the artist of the song. This feature is way too convenient and of course very easy and comfortable to use and let us not forget that it has 18 different vocal effects which you can use to spice up your singing experience.

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Virst the sound aspect of the sound speaker is the most important part and this is not left out at all. If any sound speaker can’t deliver the most impressive sound then it is not worthy to be called a sound speaker but make no mistake as this sound speaker is one of the best when it comes to sound and here’s why. This is a 3500 watt sound speaker and the bass blast is way too impressive to be taken likely. This sound speaker creates sound that’s too good. The sound is way too good for me to thoroughly explain. Why would you get anyhow speaker for your party, concert or any outdoor or social event when you’ve got this sound speaker in your hands? This sound speaker delivers unbelievable sound quality that sends you off to another dimension where souls get lost in the awesomeness of the sound. The bass because of the thunderous quality shakes the whole place and sends chills of happiness running down everyone’s spines and this makes everyone dance along to the music with crazy excitement.

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LG 3500W XBOOM Home Theatre Sound System | AUD 98CL

335,000480,000 (-30%)

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