LG 272 Liters Double Door Refrigerator | REF 272 SLCL

282,500400,000 (-29%)

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  • 272 liters
  • Two Door
  • silver
  • 10 years warranty on linear comproser
  • R600, Inverter

This refrigerator comes with the door cooling feature and what this feature does is that it reduces the temperature gap between the inner compartment and the door compartment thus delivering an even cooling process.

This feature is highly essential for your food items as it prevents them from getting spoiled unlike other refrigerators that just blow cool air but that air most of the time doesn’t reach all the food items and at the end of the day, some items get spoilt in the midst of the other ones thus making them to spoil and in the case of eggs, they surely don’t come out nice at all so to get a refrigerator that not only blows cool air but circulates it such that every corner is cooled down should really be at the top of your list.

The air vents are really efficient and smart. Not any refrigerator has the type of vents it has as this consistently blow and circulate the air. And the cooling process is 35% faster than normal refrigerators you see out there.

If you want to buy food items in bulk. Yes, lest I forget the space is very large for your food items.

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Weight 40 kg
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LG 272 Liters Double Door Refrigerator | REF 272 SLCL

282,500400,000 (-29%)

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