LG 2300W Home Theater | AUD 10 ARX

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  • 2300W & 4.2 CH 12 inch speakers
  • Bass Blast
  • Dual Subwoofer
  • BT, Smart DJ
  • HDMI 3 iN & 1 out
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This 2300 watts home theater has twelve inch 4.2 channel giant speakers that will blow your home and party away. You get to receive pure vibrating and bass sound with the twelve inch giant tall boy speakers. Still wondered if this home theater is strong enough to catapult you into an entertainment bliss? Well I think I should tell you that the a subwoofer is very powerful and delivers impressive and immersive bass quality sound but this home theater has two subwoofer which means the strength of the bass, sound and the speed of the sound immersion just got doubled. Your entertainment just got more entertaining with this awesome home theater that produces sound that is completely unbelievable to the ears.

Be a blast with the home theater that also produces sound that go far. The sound produced by this home theater is superb and it is a great idea to use this home theater for your entertainment hubs, outdoor gatherings (parties, bars, e.t.c.) as the sound is loud enough to even be heard in extremely noisy places.

Does anyone like wires? If you like wires, raise your hand. Well sorry if you do because this doesn’t need much wires. With the Bluetooth technology you get to reduce the number of wires that would normally lie around that cause one to fall. With this innovative Bluetooth technology, you get to just connect your mobile phone to it and stream your audio for a better sound machine. Turn your home into a music studio with this home theater that produces sound to be futuristic. Never miss even the smallest detail of sound with this very competent and relentless sound speaker.

Also use the USB to connect your external hard drive to the home theater. Never miss that beautiful moment with the USB direct recording feature that allows you to record the content playing and using the USB playback feature, you can play the content every time you want. Not only can you record songs, you can also record CD/DVD tracks and FM radio programs whenever and wherever you want.

With the HDMI 3 In and 1 Out, you can connect your Blu-ray players and game consoles to the home theater. Playing games just got better as this would reveal the real sound that it’s in the game, the bass and everything. Get more immersive sound experience with this home theater.

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LG 2300W Home Theater | AUD 10 ARX

400,000600,000 (-33%)

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