LG 1800W Xboom RMS Home Theater | AUD 9ON [BABA]

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  • All In One HiFi System
  • AUD 9ON [BABA] 1800W RMS
  • Xboom
  • Multi Bluetooth
  • DJ Sparkle Lighting
  • Vocal Effects & Karaoke Star
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Want a great home theater that turns your home into a cinema? Want your songs and the audio in your movies to be high resolution format? Do you want your sound experience to be at its best then you have found the right home theater for your home and outdoor gathering (parties, social events, e.t.c.) The LG 1800 watts Xboom home theater AUD 9ON [BABA] brings out the thing that you need for extreme sound quality experience. The boom bass blast that in an enclosed produces thunderous sound that you feel from your chest to your nerves to the remaining of your body and it is way more capable of reaching very far places without its effects dwindling in any manner.


The Auto equalizer is designed to reproduce sound to any genre be it Rock, Hip/Hop, Jazz, e.t.c. Also, it is capable of either increasing or decreasing the tempo (the flow of the song.)

The blast horn brings out the party aspect in this product as with it, you would feel like a professional DJ without having to go through rigorous exercises to become one.

The wireless party link enables you to have a much better sound experience as when another of this home theater is added to this, it produces a much more powerful and relentless sound quality that you can never ignore or forget.

The LG AUD 9ON is so exquisite in the design as it fits into any decor you may have at home, bringing out a better and more modern outlook.


It has DJ karaoke star function and this removes the vocals (voice) of a song leaving the background music such that with the contents displayed on the TV, you can just sing out the details and with the background music, you would feel like you were the one that sang that awesome and big hit song. It has many vocal effects that makes your performance much better and lights up the party even more.

The DJ sparkle lighting revolutionizes the way we sing songs as this reacts to the sound effects and beats of the song, delivering a better user experience.


The Bluetooth feature makes your home theater way cooler. You can easily connect two, three devices to it and play the contents of all of them at the same time without having to go through the process of disconnecting and reconnecting. With the Auto DJ feature, you get to listen to all the songs non-stop making your party atmosphere permanent.

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LG 1800W Xboom RMS Home Theater | AUD 9ON [BABA]

265,000300,000 (-12%)

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