LG 10kg Giant Commercial Dryer | LG DRY 1329CN7P

650,000900,000 (-28%)

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  • 10 KG
  • AIR FLOW 160 CFM
  • GAS RATING 20,000 BTU
  • Electric Circuit Breaker shall be 5,400 w

This 10 KG dryer makes drying clothes and other items maybe shoes, pillows, stuffed animals and others very easy compared to others. Let me explain why so you would see that your money is lesser than the value of this dryer you are about to buy.

The heating element is 5400 watts and what this means is that it heats the item very efficiently and impressively. Of course it doesn’t heat it to burn it but it heats it to dry it. The heat treats the shaft (this connects the drums and motors) very properly and prevents it from experiencing friction and so it protects it from suffering wear and tear

LG products are all too integrated to be taken likely and this one, one of the giant C+ products is especially not to be taken likely when the features and benefits are to be considered.

The giant C+ products are all for industrial purposes and the efficiency and perfect performance of them will make your businesses flourish the more. Because of the efficiency, customers will be forced to go in and witness the awesome power of this LG dryer and so I couldn’t emphasize more on the importance of this dryer.

This dryer gives you the chance to save costs and also space as you enjoy the greatest heating efficiency and also this is very easy to install so don’t think you are doing us a favour by buying it, we are actually doing you a favour because this dryer because of its efficiency and smartness is sure to take your business to the next level.

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Weight 75 kg
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LG 10kg Giant Commercial Dryer | LG DRY 1329CN7P

650,000900,000 (-28%)

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