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  • AUD 3RL 130W
  • USB
  • AUX
  • Multi Bluetooth
  • Wireless TV sound sync


The LG 130 watts wireless TV sound speaker brings out the best audio possible. It brings out raw and pure, clean sound that amuses everyone listening to it. Very high resolution audio that makes it feels like your home is a cinema or a film studio. This high resolution audio just makes an already recorded sound to be reproduced to the highest sound file format possible and this is in every way better than CD quality and this leaves you with the best digital sound experience you could think of.


The Bluetooth allows for wireless TV sound sync and you can just from anywhere connect your mobile devices to the home theatre and enjoy the content of your mobile devices played with the best digital sound format. And you would be immersed in audio and video experience as when this is connected to the TV and you’re watching movies, come on! That is the best move you could ever make to make your movies more awesome. Get the real audio that no television alone can deliver. Action movies, thrillers just became better.

The multi Bluetooth is by far the most impressive developed feature of home theaters that are being produced. Just like a DJ wouldn’t dare stop the entertainment flowing for half a second, this one wouldn’t even dare at all. You can connect multiple devices all at the same time and this device enables you to continue playing the songs on your mobile devices non-stop. I mean literally, the songs continue to play without end and the entertainment will keep flowing like water.

The USB ports allow for the connection of external hard drive and not only will you play the content of the devices you can as well record them all at the same time playing the content. Portable in just allows for the connection of MP3 players and other mobile devices.


Yes, this home theater produces 130 watts sound that delivers the best sound possible but imagine when this one speaker that does so much is added with the wireless party link. Then nothing could match it. You would get an unwavering and much more powerful 260 watts sound quality that hits you from all sides. Now that’s the most awesome thing I’ve seen. If you miss this product, man, you have a lot of things to miss out on. This device is so astonishing well it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise to me because I know that LG always delivers the best products ever. They are one of the biggest and most developed technology companies in the world and all over the world, their products are being bought and sold, let me say so this is just normal to me.

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74,900100,000 (-25%)

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