• TEC Gas Generator (5.0kW/5.5kW / 6.25kVA) Optima 7500Rs

    Optimized Alternator Design- Loads 3ACs plus other Appliances
    1000 Continuous Running Design
    Smart Throttle and Smart Choke for 10-15% Better fuel efficiency
    One Touch Start Button
    Better Fuel Efficiency and Engine Vibration

    Optima 7500Rs 5.0/5.5Kw

    Gas Generator Optima RS Generator Key Benefits

    1000 Continuous Running Design Engine designed to be rugged, durable and efficient, can run continuously for 1000 hours straight without turning engine off

    Smart Throttle for Better Fuel Efficiency Smart Throttle is a devices specifically designed to supply the Generator an accurate amount of fuel required to support each additional load demanded from the Generator by consumer home appliances. Thus eliminating wastages and improving fuel efficiency by 10-15%.

    Smart Choke for Easy remote Start Smart Choke enables generator turn OFF or ON with the aid of a remote control from a distance of 40meters without any human intervention.

    Better Fuel Efficiency and Engine Vibration Thermocool Optima series generators are designed with reduced noise levels, reduced engine vibrations and excellent fuel efficiency to give users maximum relaxation and benefit for their money.

    3 In 1 Digital Meter Designed to give real-time reading of Total Run Hours from First Usages, Total time of Current usage, frequency and Output Voltage. Data expected to help users develop a proper servicing plan.

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