• Polystar 3.1″ Bluetooth Home Theatre And Dvd Player Pv-3331-3.1

    Polystar Home Theatre with 3 speaker

    With USB Function

    3.1 channel

    Support HDMI output

    Audio video output function

    Speaker with USB function

    Card reader function

    3.1 channel

    Support HDMI Output

    Audio video output function


  • Polystar Bluetooth Home Theater Pv Hf208c

    Polystar 2.0 channel Home theater music system , gives you the music experience that you will relish Play from USB , SD Card, seam you music through bluetooth , you can listen to Fm Radio programming

    Polystar 2.0 Mini Hifi System

    Compatible with DVD/CD/MP3/WMA

    USB Direct reader

    Bluetooth audio streaming

    FM radio receiver

    LED Display

    Resume play

    HDMI Output with remote control

    AUX/CD Ripping/scoring

    AV output, S-Video, Coxial

    With LED light on speaker

  • Polystar Pv-861-3.1ch Micro Set + Dvd Player With 3 Speakers

    Polystar Bluetooth Home Theatre – Pv-861-3.1 comes in a beautiful glossy black and blue color. This Home Theater System has multiple input port which allows users play music or video from any source. The input port includes a DVD player, Bluetooth, card reader slot and USB Port. This Polystar Bluetooth Home Theatre – Pv-861-3.1 comes with a Last Scene Memory feature for its DVD which allows users continue from where the video stopped playing from after a power outage.

    The professional sound system is great for the home, entertainment centers or for outdoor gatherings. This home audio set prides itself as an amazing sound system with speaker that covers a wide range. This home theatre is a 3.1 channel device which means that it comes with 3 speakers and 1 sub-woofer. It also comes with a full functioning HDMI port and Bluetooth feature that enables smooth connection of your phone and other devices to the home theater.

    It is affordable and durable. Its black sleek design can fit into any decor effortlessly. This Polystar Home Theater System comes with a warranty coverage of 1 year.

    power output: 70w

    voltage: 220v

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