• LG DP542 DVD Player with USB Playback and 1080P Upscaling

      Box     Option
        Owners Manual     Yes
        RCU Battery     Yes
        AV Cable     Yes
        Remote Control     U3
     Playback Functions     DVD / CD & DivX, MPEG1, MPEG2,MPEG 4, MP3, WMA & Jpeg
        Advanced Smart Features     USB direct recording / Progressive Scan / 192khz-24 bit Audio DAC
        Interface     Component Video Out / Coxial Audio Out / USB
    Auto Power Off     Yes
        Screen Saver     Yes
        Loading Time     7 sec↓
        Initial Logo     Yes
        Firmware update     Yes/Yes
        Parental Lock     Yes
        Closed Caption     Yes
        Black Level Adjustment     Yes
        Vocal On/Off     Yes
        DRC On/Off     Yes
        USB Direct Recording     Yes
        Progressive Scan     Yes
        Zoom     Yes
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