• KDK Standard Ceiling Fan X56xg

    Wobbling reduction mechanism can reduce wobbing between bolt, motor shaft and pipe. it can minimize wearing of the parts to prevent falling of fan.

    Safety wire

    Safety wire is adopted to secure the fan motor with the ceiling hook that prevents falling of the motor when detaching of the fan moto from the pipe rod occurs.

    Advanced blade design

    To optimize airflow performance of the ventilating fan, the new blade design applies advanced aerodynamic principle that minimizes any obstacle against the airflow. Air volume is maintained while rotation speed can be reduced, resulting lower noise level and power consumption.

    3D Circulation Airflow


    KDK Standard Ceiling Fan X56xg


    • Full cooling adjustable neck and 90 oscillation.
    • Super-quiet circulation.
    • Effective electricity.
    • Metal safeguard.
    • Model aerodynamics.

    Stir up a hurricane-like feeling with this Fan at home. This fan features a stylish yet aerodynamic design to provide the best breeze that easily reaches every corner of your room. The style suits perfectly on your wall and comes with speed control for comfort. Beat heat with steady cool air flow thanks to the Wall Fan. It is easy to clean, accredited by the Electricity Generation Authority. Driven by a durable motor, the Fan comes in a modern style. The Wall Fan fights with powerful air-cooling features, stifling summer heat or stuffy enclosed spaces. Three speed settings allow a gentle breeze, steady wind, or full heat-busting blast with an easy-grip rotary control switch, and the quiet activity won’t hamper conversations or sleep.

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