• QASA 9L Pressure Cooker – QPC-7L French Type

    Appliances could be found in every household today. They have become a necessity. Numerous individuals depend on these apparatuses with a specific end goal – to complete their work in the kitchen as effectively, quickly and with as little hassle as possible.
    Easy,safe and durable thanks to the patented systemExquisite and solid construction with Stainless steelPerfect heat distributionExcellent cooking qualityEasy to open,close,carry and save space

    1. Additional sealing ring
    2. 3 security protections

    Volume.: 9L
    Diameter: 260 mm

  • QASA Rice Cooker 2.8 Litres Qrc-2800

    Why give in too the burden of over cooked and under cooked rice. Step up the level peeps! We are introducing to you a piece of easy to use friendly home desired rice cooker to get you started for life. No more hassles, worries and sweating. Now you truly can start again.

    You do know that rice s one meal we just have to cook if not every other day but somehow it is an every Sunday meal for some families. While other their children has to take it to school in the morning. This piece of equipment is just right for ll that simplifications. Come on board with us as we roll together without having to get too much pot burns just because we forgot to turn off our stove or burner. With this, no more burning and thanks to the none stick pot bottom that has been over laid with honey comb. Now you are guaranteed of over heat protection during cooking as well

  • QASA Rice Cooker Qrc-1800

    Pure copper cable
    . Glass lid
    . Cooking and keep warm function
    . Over-heat protection system

    Power: 700W
    Size(HxWxD): 25x27x27cm


    QASA Rice Cooker Qrc-1800

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